Name: Manuel Tessarollo
Label: Activa Records

Manuel Tessarollo aka Activator is one of the most active producers in the electronic music business and is a true jack of all trades when it comes to music. At the end of 2000 Manuel decided to focus all his time and energy on what he loves to do best; producing his own music. In December 2002, the artist name DJ Activator was born when Manuel sent 2 banging tracks to one of the Italy’s hottest labels called “Activa Records” (Edinet Publishing Group). At that time he needed an appropriate artist pseudonym for that label and the inspiration was immediate, what could be better than Activator?

Nowadays, Activator is the A&R manager of Activa label, which is one of the best selling of the hardstyle labels with support from all key players in the scene. Activator was one of the originators from Italy who contributed making hardstyle famous in the world, with a long list of festivals under his belt DJ Activator will continue his rise to fame. Defqon 1, Hard Bass, Q-base, Decibel, Emporium, XXlerator, Syndicate, Dance Valley, Ground Zero, Westfest, The Qontinent etc.

With this trademark of energetic melodies and brutal bouncing beats he’s still one of Europe’s key players in the hardstyle scene. After more than 10 years and countless releases, nowadays Activator is really satisfied with his job, but is still working hard everyday to make himself better and better to keep his sound underground and original as possible but mainstream at the same time. In 2009 he released his first album, a double cd called “Authentic Style” which contains 18 new tracks and 18 classics.

The past, the present and the future of the harder styles lies in the hands of this Italian monster producer! No one can resist the sounds of the Activator!