MC Diesel

Name: Sergio Livramento

Diesel, AKA Sergio Livramento, is well-known in the Netherlands as an all-round MC. After finding his roots in the Dutch Hip Hop scene in his younger years, he later joined the “Ecktuh Ecktuh” formation. Crossing over to the harder styles put Diesel’s “outside of the box” mentality on show, growing his impressive reputation even stronger.

With his unique voice and charisma, Diesel knows exactly how to interact with his crowd and keep elevating energy levels no matter the stage. Huge festivals and venues have already been conquered, including Decibel Outdoor, Defqon.1, Q-BASE, Dominator, Intents Festival, The Qontinent, Ahoy and many more, with the list growing at great speed.

Away from the stage, Diesel puts full focus into studio sessions, working on productions as a singer/songwriter. His list of featured tracks & collaborations just keeps on growing.
Diesel has worked with artists such as Neophyte, Hard Driver, Nosferatu, The Viper, Dr Phunk, Deetox, Bass Chaserz, Panic and many more. As the list shows Diesel works with different types of genres within the harder styles of music, all of them becoming massive dancefloor hits.

You can find the full up-to-date discography of Diesel’s musical achievements in this Spotify playlist.

All the evidence points to one conclusion, Diesel has an undeniably exciting future ahead. Make sure you keep an eye out!